Background Checks

Information on Individuals can be extensive and a request may need to identify what informtion is needed.  A simple request for Employment, Marriage, or Resisdential Property may not be sufficient to cover latent areas, of an individual, leaving the Investigative Agency's Client exposed to potential Liability Suits. 

Here at The Investigators, LLC our Private Investigators or Detectives can research vast and comprehensive databases in the US including all 50 states.  Clients are ask to specify what information is being requested.  Below is a list for a single selected Address:

Available County Records

  • Bankruptcy

  • County UCC Search 2 Year

  • County UCC Search 5 Year

  • Delinquent Tax

  • Divorce Records (Difficult In Hawaii)

  • Felony & Misdemeanor

  • Fixture UCC Search 5 Year

  • Foreclosure REcords

  • Judgment Search

  • Lis Pendens

  • Mechanic's Liens

  • Probate Record Search

  • State Civil Litigation


Available State Records

  • Professional Licenses

  • SOS Tax Liens

  • SOS UCC Search 2 Year

  • SOS UCC Search 5 Year

  • State Tax Liens

  • Statewide Felony & Misdemeanor


Available Federal Records

  • Federal Felony & Misdemeanor

  • Federal Litigation

  • Federal Tax liens

  • OFAC

Above Searches are conducted by address

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  • YouTube

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